May 16, 2014

french fry and ketchup pinata

I made this cute french fry pinata using a small box and used red and yellow streamer paper. I added a few "fries" on the top by covering a few strips of cardboard with yellow streamer paper. 

I had to give Fry Guy a friend, so I made Mr. Ketchup to keep him company. 

Step 1: You will need red streamer paper, box, glue, tape, scissors, and white, red, and black paper. Tape the box closed.
Step 2: Cut long strips of streamer papers. I usally will wrap one around the box to see how long I need it and will cut a bunch in advance. Next, cut fringe on the streamer paper.
Step 3: Add a strip of glue on the box.
Step 4: Lay fringe paper on the box and wrap around the box.
Step 5: Cover the entire box.
Step 6: I saved the label on my computer and inserted into Word to make it smaller. Next, I printed the lable on white paper and glued it on the box. Download label. Next, add the eyes, nose and mouth. I cut them out of construction paper.

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