June 29, 2014

easy omelets

Omelets are so easy to make. I used to be intimated to make them at first, but now I will make them for a quick breakfast or even lunch. You can pack a lot of good and healthy things in them too.

I simply put a small tablespoon of olive oil on a small pan and pour egg whites on medium heat and wait until it firms up. I don't add salt, pepper, or anything else; just egg whites. Next, when bubbles appear I simply poke them and start adding some toppings.

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For the omelet above I added spinach, red pepper, red onions, and shredded mozzarella and cheddar cheese.

On this omelet above I added frozen kale, red onions (had a lot of red onions) and some left over muenster cheese I had.

And on another day I made an omelet with spinach, red onion, peppers, and salmon. The last step is simply adding any cheese you want and then folding it in half.

Experiment and have fun adding any type of toppings. Enjoy!

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