June 3, 2014

ice cream bar

Can't have a party without desserts. To compliment the retro diner themed party we threw we decided to have a milkshake and ice cream bar. I made chocolate milkshakes by request and guests could make their own ice cream sundaes by adding all sorts of yummy toppings.

Of course we had to have some chocolate and pink frosted sprinkle donuts. What diner doesn't have donuts? Plus, any leftovers was a perfect breakfast treat the next day.

The birthday boy wanted a double chocolate cake, so I just picked one up and I put a cherry on top. And a friend brough over an ice cream cake.

Guests selected an ice cream cup, a waffle cup, or cone to scoop their ice cream in. I had vanilla and chocolate ice cream ready with scoopers on the side counter incase of any spills. You could also pre-serve a scoop of ice cream in each cup and put them in the freeze so they are ready to decorate. Guests had fun putting fresh fruit or chocolate candy toppings with whipped cream, nuts, and cherries.

An ice cream bar is not just a great addition to parties, but great to add to any summer BBQ.

Supplies Used
Custom Ice Cream Table Toppers (little signs): A Delicate Gift | Jukebox Centerpiece: Amol's Party | Biodegradable Spoons: World Centric | Ice Cream Cups: Uniq | Cookies: A Dozen Eggs | Tablecloth: Linen Tablecloth

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