July 17, 2015

Vintage Basketball Party

I surprised Yanni on his Birthday by decorating the house while he went out and played Basketball with a friend early in the morning. Yanni loves Basketball and he is quite talented in it as well. He has an amazing shot and we play one-on-one often. I love Basketball too and played it throughout grade school and a bit in high school. 

His birthday week also coincided with the NBA Final Playoffs, the Cleveland Cavilers vs. Golden State Warriors. He also has an impressive knowledge of Basketball history. Two years ago we went to a College Basketball game and were invited to a dinner before the game started and we sat with a group of older gentlemen who we came to find out were Basketball enthusiast. One turned out to be one of the greatest, if not the greatest, High School Boy's Basketball coaches. Yanni had such as wonderful time talking with him and these sweet older men who quizzed him on Basketball trivia. And one of them was a judge and he offered to marry us, that's if we ever decide to. Over 13 years together and going stronger then ever. Maybe the 15 year mark. I knew Yanni would absolutely love a vintage inspired Basketball Party theme. 

So I got to work and began ordering all the supplies I needed and as the boxes came in I snuck them into my studio and he had no idea what I was up to or planning.. The morning he left to play Basketball with a friend I got to work and decorated the living room. When he came home he was shocked. And it worked out because a few weeks later we had a little get together at the house, and all the decorations were up and ready.

One of the most fun parts of planning a party is getting all the sweet treats and favors. I found these great mini bouncy basketball favors and basketball stress balls to give to guests. (See below post for all the details).

I made little toppers for the food, treats, and favors. I handmade these chocolate pops with milk chocolate and basketball hoop molds. I will post a how to soon. I also bought chocolate and vanilla cupcakes, but didn't take photos of any of the food while the party was going on. As the sole photographer, if my hands are tied up doing something else, there are no photos. So these photos are before guests arrived...

My sweet mother sent over some flower bouquets to match the basketball theme of orange and white. I was able to put a few in different areas of the house.

In addition to making the chocolate pops, I also made chocolate covered oreos with orange chocolate basketballs. Those were a hit and all gone in a matter of minutes. Make note, next party make more chocolate covered oreos.

Yanni was beyond happy and that's all that mattered. We served a simple menu of hot dogs, hamburgers, potato salad, and anti-pasto salad. 

Here is a list of Basketball Party favors and decorations and were I bought them:

Basketball Stress Balls
Chocolate Hoop Molds

Basketball Hoop Net Basket (Table centerpiece is a new trash bucket)

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