August 10, 2015

J. Crew Panama Hat Resize

I was recently at my local J. Crew store and I was in desperate need for a summer hat, something clean and simple that could go with just about any outfit and cover my face in the sun. As I was walking out the store this hat, the Panama Hat, caught my attention immediately and I knew it would be perfect and that I would be wearing it all summer. I had no idea how popular it was until I did some research on it later. I guess it is the must have summer hat. Unfortunately, the only size left was small/medium and large/xlarge, and it was too tight and the other was too large. Yanni looked all around and found one medium/large left and it felt great and I didn't hesitate to get it.

However, as I wore it throughout the day I noticed that even with the slightest breeze my hat would fly off. So when I got back home I did some research on the proper fit of a hat. The proper fit of a hat should not be loose and go over your ears. Oops, mine did! And it should not be too snug that it leaves a mark on your head. When you have it on you should be able to put 1 finger in between you head and the hat. When I put my hat on, about 2-3 fingers could fit. I knew it was too big, so I knew I had to do some more research and get creative.

You're probably thinking, why didn't you just return it? Well, the sweet lady at the register asked me if I was going to wear the hat right then and there and I said sure, so she snipped off the tag and threw it away.

So..back to needing to be creative. I found a hat hack on The Hunter Style of this exact hat. I didn't know if would really work or if it would even be comfortable. Luckily, Yanni had some double sided mounting tape and I peeled off one side and pushed the adhesive strip around the hat under the fabric flap.

 I did this all around the hat.

Once I put the fabric flap down, I can still see a small edge of the strip around it, but no one is going to see the inside of my hat. If you have the thinner strip, great, but if you don't then no worries, it works either way.

I put it on and it fit perfectly. It doesn't hurt and no flying away in the wind. It is super comfortable and doesn't even feel like there is anything there. I wear this hat multiple times during the week and I always get compliments on it. It is my favorite hat and it is extremely flattering on everyone I see wear it.

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