March 24, 2016

Burt's Bee Lipstick

I was in the pharmacy recently, minding my own business, when I came across the new Burt's Bee line of 100% natural lipsticks. And I am big fan of the Burt's Bee line, we use their face wash, exfoliator, lip balms, and deodorants. So, once I saw these lipsticks it gave me a reason to finally toss out all my other lipsticks, as I have been trying to find a natural option. Have you ever read what's in these other lipsticks out there? A lot of them are made with Blue and Red 40 and all sorts of dye and unnatural ingredients. I do what I can not to eat foods with any artificial colors, flavors and ingredients, so why would I put them on my lips? In addition to it being natural, I wanted a natural line that carried pretty colors I could wear, wasn't drying and lasted more than an hour. I have tried countless lipsticks, and most of them do not give full coverage that conditions and lasts. And these had everything I was looking for, so I did throw out quite a few lipsticks.

So far I only have tried two, Lily Lake and Tulip Tide, both in the berry/mauve family. In total this new line of lipsticks come in 14 shades that are all made with natural ingredients like raspberry seed oils, beeswax, Moringa Oil, and Vitamin E

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My daily go to shade has quickly become Tulip Tide, as I have been looking for a light pale pink color to wear everyday. I apply them by first applying a small amount of lip balm, then applying a liner, and then the lipstick. Because these lipsticks are so soft and moisturizing, I find that the liner help holds onto the color longer.

It's a very retro color and I love pairing it with a cat eye.

Lily Lake, is a berry color, which is perfect for me because I don't normally wear strong colors on my lips, but this adds a bright berry color to my lips, while moisturizing my lips and last for a few hours.

So happy this line came out and that I could incorporate natural lipsticks to my daily makeup routine. You can find these at your local pharmacy, I bought mine at Walgreens and Whole Foods. You can also buy them online at the Burt's Bee site.


Liz said...

really pretty colors. i like the light pink one, the tulip tide. def going to try these out.

Peachy Cheek said...

Hi Liz, Thank you. My favorite color right now is the Tulip Tide. I wear it daily. I am looking forward to trying other colors from the line.