March 18, 2014

daily eye makeup

Today I am going to show you my everyday eye look. I love the cat eye look, so I on most days I rock a cat eye, depending on my mood it is either exaggerated or a minor little flare at the end.

I first start by putting on my sunscreen. I put sunscreen on everyday. Next, I pat an eyeshadow base, Urban Decay's Primer Potion, on my eyelid. I never used an eyeshadow primer before, and when I received this primer as a sample with other products I purchase I fell in love with it and couldn't believe I didn't use it before. Before, my eyeshadow would crease and I tried everything, different eyeshadows, powders, gel to powders, concealer, but my eyeshadow would always crease a few hours later. Now, my eyeshadow doesn't crease or fade at all. Next, I use Urban Decay Naked 3 palate in Strange as a base coat.

I also have Urban Decay Naked 2, but I stopped using it, as I realized that it's not the most flattering eyeshadows for my skin tone. I heard it's best for cooler tones, and I have more warmer undertones. I am going to give the Naked 2 set to my sister, and get myself Naked 1, as I heard that's better for warmer undertones.

Usually I wear a bronze eyeshadow or a light beige for my day look. The Naked 3 eyeshadow sets are a set of pink shades, and they are pretty and flattering, so I have been using those lately.

Next, I draw a thick line with my black eyeliner pencil and then I draw a thin line using my NYC black eyeliner over that. The NYC high definition eyeliner pen is one of the most inexpensive and best eyeliner pens I have used and I picked that up at Target. It feels like a marker and you can easily clean it up if you make a mistake and I have tried quite a few eyeliners (department stores and pharmacy) and this has been the one I have been using the most lately.

Next, I use a combination of Factory and Blackheart from the Naked 3 compact and dab it on the top of the eyeliner on the corners of the eyelid to give it a little more depth.

Next, I will either line my bottom inner lids with black eyeliner or I just simply use a color like Darkside.

Lastly, I curl my eyelashes using my favorite eyelash curler from Lancome, and I use Lancome's Hypnose Star mascara. I also love Lancome's Hypnose Doll mascara too. I have used so many different mascaras from different brands, and Lancome has the best in my opinion. You can add layer over layer without it clumping or flaking.

And that's it, that's how I wear my daily eye makeup.

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Karen said...

i've been looking for a good black eyeliner, and this marker one looks really good. I am def. going to try it out.