March 9, 2014

emerald green nails

I've been loving emerald green and have been trying to find the perfect color I had envisioned in my mind and I found a few that were beautiful, but a little too pricey, so I went to Walgreens and bought two different nail polishes to make the perfect glittery emerald green nail polish, the total was under $6.00 and now I have two different nail polishes to use separately or together.

I first painted about 2 coats of the Wet n Wild's "Sagreena the Teenage Witch" and once it was dried I painted 2 coats of the Sally Hansen's "Seanic" polish and they came out looking like emerald city in the Wizard of Oz, exactly what I wanted. Love it and it's perfect for Saint Patrick's Day!

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MeOfCourse said...

Hi Kim. Just a hello. I love that green. I have purple right now. Hope you have been doing good. Take care. Gloria.