October 28, 2014

How to Do Sugar Skull Day of the Dead Makeup

We are fast approaching Dia de los Muertos and I wanted to create a quick video tutorial showing you how to use makeup to create a Sugar Skull face. I used natural white eyeliner from Dr. Hauschka to paint my face in, so no need to use the white grease makeup at stores.

I would love your support on voting for my Day of the Dead Face Painting Contest here: http://bit.ly/1tXfk2a

Items you need:
Flower Crown: Black Feather Shop
Black and White Eyeliner: Dr. Hauschka Duo Eyeliner
Blue Eyeliner: Sephora
A Shawl and a long dress or skirt


GlorV1 said...

Excellent video. Thanks, gloria.

Kim said...

Hi Gloria!! Thanks so much for stopping by! So glad you like the video. I had fun making it and hoping to make more:)