December 14, 2014

Holiday Gift Guide for Expecting Moms

I know quite a few sweet ladies expecting in the next few months, so I dedicate this list to them and all the soon to be moms out there. It's always fun buying for a baby, there are so many toys, clothes, and fun gadgets, but what about the mom?

In this gift guide I included comfy and stylish clothes, natural products from Jessica Alba's Honest Company, which is a great resource of natural products for both moms and children, yoga classes, and other things that will keep her comfortable and happy.

1. Eye Mask
Sonoma Lavender Timber Lake Sleep Mask is a supersoft mask that combines the calming and restorative properties of lavender and will allow for you to have a relaxing and calming sleep experience.

2. Glass Locket Triangle Necklace
This glass locket opens up and fits two large photos. I think this would make a great gift for a soon to be mother to place an ultrasound photo, or any other little treasures.

3. Journal
A journal is a great gift to give to expecting mothers so that they can journal their progress and write notes to the baby. This journal comes in pretty colors and it is also can be personalized.

4. Pregnancy Pillow
Finding the right position in bed can be difficult to do for all of us. I know I love having a pillow in between my knees and hugging a huge pillow. Instead of having a million pillow and having your bed look like a bouncy house this pillow is perfect for wrapping around and it is supposed to help relieve sciatica, restless leg syndrome, and lower back pain.

5. Slippers
These Ugg slippers are so comfortable. Many soon to be moms I know have swollen feet and need something soft and comfy on their feet.

6. The Honest Co. Balms
The Honest Co. has a great eco-friendly body care line for women and children. It is natural, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic. It's also available in Target.

I added this limited edition Bobbi Brown nail polish because the color is just gorgeous and most women love getting pampered and getting a foot massage. Get a gift card at their local nail salon or make a basket with nail polishes, hand and feet creams, nail buffers, and cuticle oils.

8. Yoga
The gift of yoga is a wonderful gift.  Take a look at some local classes and either sign her up or get a gift card. Yoga incorporates many things like breathing, stretching, and meditating; all things an expecting mother needs.

9. Water Bottle
A reusable water bottle makes a great gift to ensure that the mom-to-be, and really all of us, get the require daily amount. This one is 2.2 liters, which is about the 2.7 daily recommended value for fluid intake. I recommend finding water bottles that are BPA-free and if they are glass bottles make sure they have a protective sleeve.

10. Hatch Clothing
They make the most wonderful and trendy and comfortable maternity clothes, but they also make clothes for before, during and after pregnancy. I love this stripped tee with leggings, booties, and hat combination.

11. Massage (not pictured)
Get a spa and/or massage gift card so that they can get a nice relaxing massage.

12. Leggings (not pictured)
Leggings are comfortable and stretchy. These Blanqi leggings have gotten great reviews and she will wear them with everything.

Which of these gifts do you like the most?  I would love to hear below!

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