July 18, 2016

Mario Party Piranha Plant Pinata

In May I worked on a small and simple Mario themed birthday party. And I couldn't be happier to figure out what type of pinatas I could make. Narrowing the list of the type of pinatas was a hard one. There are so many ideas like a power star, Mario himself, Yoshi.... I ended up making two, one Super Mushroom, which you can learn how to make here, and a piranha pinata, which I am going to show you how to make today.

If you ever played Super Mario Brothers, the pinata plant was a deadly little guy, who came out of the warping pipe to bite. He went perfectly with the red and white mushroom pinata I made.

In order to make your own Piranha Plant Pinata (...and say that three times fast...) you will need:

  • Cardboard
  • Tape
  • Glue
  • Construction paper in green and white
  • Streamer paper (crepe paper)

The first step is to get a large cardboard box and draw out the shape of the plant and then cut out two identical pieces. I usually just flatten a box and then use a box cutter to cut around my pencil outline.

Next, cut identical shape strips of cardboard. These strips will determine the width of the pinata. My pinata was not used to carry candy, so I made the strips thin, so it would be quicker for me to make. Usually when I make a real candy pinata the width is at least 4-5 inches wide.

Using tape, I use the strips to tape the two identical pieces together.

When layering the fringed streamer paper on the pinata you want to work from the bottom up. I gather a long strip of green fringe paper and cut slits on the bottom side.

Next, I get small strips and cover the bottom, because the fringe won't cover the undersides.

Next, using glue, make dots of glue or a line to press the streamer fringe. You will want to repeat this until you get to the top of the flowering bud.

Next, using red streamer paper I get small strips to cover the edges of the top.

Cut the small slits to fringe the streamer paper.

Once you cover the entire pinata with fringe paper, its time to add some teeth, mouth, and circles.

I used construction paper to cut circles in different shapes, the mouth and some teeth that I glued on. I also used green paper to cut out leaves for his stem.

 If you wanted to make him a candy holding pinata, I recommend a few things: 1. make him wider, 2. cut out a small door to fill with candy, 3. cover him in newspaper before adding the fringed streamer paper.

Making him was fun to do and everyone got a kick out of it. He was a great decoration at the party.

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