July 26, 2016

My Favorite No-Recipe Zone Meals

I have been chatting a lot about make-up and pinatas on the blog lately, but I haven't been baking or cooking as much lately. I think it's fair to say that with summer being here there's lot of grilling going on. And Yanni loves to grill, so I am left to do absolutely nothing in regards to dinner. He grills steaks, chicken kabobs, or burgers and makes a yummy Mediterranean salad. My only responsibility is to make fresh salsa. Here is my go to salsa recipe and sometimes it's just tomatoes and onions and that's it.

But I have been thinking about cooking and baking. And as I went through my old recipes I found a few magazine articles I cut out.

Rachel Ray had this great "No Recipe-Zone" feature in her magazine. It was my favorite feature and it really got me started in cooking. It showed in easy step-by-step photos how easy cooking could be and made me feel comfortable doing it.

I had tons of cookbooks, but they all showed the finished masterpiece, and some didn't even have photos, but what I needed as a novice was pictures and guidance to ensure I was making progress and if the dough I was making for example looked like it should. This is why when I share recipes I am making I share a lot of photos during the process, for example, when I made this Pound Cake.

I used this to learn how to make my very first Chicken Marsala.

Here are some of my favorites from the "No Recipe-Zone":

These stuffing squares are so easy to make and great for side dishes all week.

I can't resister this quick mac & cheese.

Here are a few more of my favorites:

Croissant French Toast: Recipe

Chicken Potpie Casserole: Recipe
Potato-Topped Beef Stew: Recipe
Crustless Tex-Mex Meatloaf Cheddar Pie: Recipe

These are easy to make and I wish these were back in the magazine. I am happy I am able to get the archived version of a few of them on line too. I hope you enjoy these as much as I have.

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