July 22, 2016

Mister Rogers

As a child I grew up watching Mister Rogers. Mister Roger's was a sweet, kind, sincere, and caring man. I remember listening to him sing "Won't You Be My Neighbor" when he first started the show and would end the show with other beautiful songs, like "It's Such A Good Feeling". Did you know that we wrote all the songs on the show? He was quite the composer. And I sing these songs to myself on occasion. I whistle the song or sing it to myself and it always makes me feel good and reminds me the importance of caring for one another and also caring for yourself. He made me feel special then as a child and even now as an adult. It's important to know your special and remind yourself that you are. Not only did he make me feel special, but he was a wonderful role model and exemplary of showing how to treat others.

I had a principle in middle school who would always end his morning talk over the intercom with "...and remember, please be kind to one another." As a child I never thought once of it, but as an adult I think about it often. The importance of being kind to each other.

Sometimes people can be cruel, rude, or negative, but if each one of us can remember that we are all neighbors and that we are in this together, and not let someone else's behavior influence ours in return. For example, if you hold the door for someone, and if they don't say thank you, it doesn't matter what their response is, what matters is that you acted how you wanted to, you did it regardless if you would get a thank you or not.

There has been many times that I have experienced complete rudeness by people behind a counter like at a register, and sometimes I am shocked by it and there have been times I have been a little rude back and then regret it later.

But we have to remind ourselves that it's these people are those who need kindness in return the most.

I revisited Mister Rogers recently and I began watching his shows again. There was an entire season available on Netflix recently and most recently there are 7 season available on Amazon Prime.

My eyes lit up, my smile grew wide and big, and my heart grew in size as I saw him come on the screen. He walks in, puts on his colorful cardigan, did you know his mother knitted all of those sweaters, and puts his sneakers on. What joy he was to watch and what joy he brought each time he sang and spoke to us. Even after all these years he still is such a presence.

He is still here with me and all the millions of children he influenced and gave hope to. He shared so much love that came out from the television set we would watch growing up.When he spoke through the television it felt like we walk looking and talking right at you and you could feel the love that radiated from him. I sure wish he was still around because that is the positive message we need to continue to give and receive.

I might be a little late to this, but I had no idea that Daniel Tiger was based on Mister Roger's neighborhood. From what I understand the puppets from Mister Roger's neighborhood grow up and have their own children, and these children are on this new show. I watched a few episodes and can say I love that this is on air for children. They carry the same format as Mister Roger's, they talk about feelings, important feelings that children go through like being afraid of going to school or to the doctor's office. I think that is so important that children feel understood and have an outlet for the fears they have, and that they are validated and that someone they can trust can make them feel safe and explain and answer any questions they might have. This show, Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, does just that, by explaining everyday functions and processes, like going to school of the first time.

And I want to thank you. Thank you for being my neighbor. You are very special, just the way you are.

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