January 8, 2014


This past week I celebrated the anniversary of my birth many moons ago. It falls on Three King's Day.

My birthday was a wonderful day filled of morning pancakes, spaghetti and meatballs from my favorite italian restaurant, pink roses, some of my favorite chocolates, beautiful red roses sent in from my mom, chocolate cake, and more sweets.

Many people create their New Year resolutions on January 1st. I begin setting my resolutions on my birthday. My birthday allows for me to reflect back on my year. Throughout the year I work towards goals I want to achieve, like completing my masters, learning new chords on the guitar, training in Taekwondo and earning advance belts, and many other self enriching goals.

I think it's important that we never stop trying to make ourselves better people. We are given that opportunity each and everyday we awake. Everyday I want to wake up and be a better person than I was yesterday. Have you ever heard the quote, "Today, I am the youngest I will ever be and the oldest I have ever been." Every time I hear it, a little wheel turns in my mind. It makes me think in the moment and only in this very moment. We have come so far and have learned so much. We are wiser now then we ever have been and we will only get wiser. Live in the now and make sure that you enjoy every moment. Sometimes we face challenges and sometimes we might take a few steps backward, but tomorrow when you wake up try and take a step forward.

Have a beautiful week!

Yours truly,

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Sue said...

Happy Birthday!! Looks like you had an awesome day!