skull pancakes

That's right. Halloween in January. For Christmas my brother gave me exactly what I wanted and he didn't even know it. When I eyed these Halloween skull pancake molds at William Sonoma I knew I just had to have these. On Christmas morning when I opened his gifts I was so thrilled to see these. I couldn't wait a moment later to use them.

The package comes with three different skull molds, I didn't use third mold, which is a side-view skull, yet. I decided to make the two front facing skulls. These are so easy to use. Simply heat your pancake griddle, I brushed some butter on the pan, and I also brushed butter on the inside of the molds.

Next, I poured the batter into the molds and once I saw bubbles form I knew it was time to remove the molds using the small handles on them.

Next, I simply flipped them over and waited for about a minute and they were all done.

These came out so cute. For a pancake enthusiast this was such an awesome gift. I am loving these. It's got me thinking and now I am eyeing a few more, like hearts and stars.
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Georgina said...

OH NO!!!! Must have!!! Love them!!

Peach said...

Hi Georgina! I love them too. They were really easy to use and they are the perfect skull shape. Almost too hard to eat. Unfortunately, I don't see them on William Sonoma's website anymore, but I bet you can find them on eBay.

Jennifer said...

These are too cool! I need these! Thanks for sharing the ebay link. They will be mine. lol.