January 6, 2014

raw amethyst

I am going through an amethyst phase right now, but it just might not be a phase, I can see this as a start of a beautiful relationship.  I am loving these gorgeous amethyst and bronze lamps and the amethyst bookends from 1stdibs.com. They are both one of a kind vintage pieces.

Not only is amethyst beautiful to look at, but I am amazed by their natural properties. I admire stones as beautiful as these because it never ceases to amaze me that so much beauty comes naturally from our earth. Additionally, amethyst works to purify any space of negative vibrations. It calms and cools excessive emotions, and eases the transition to a more meditative state by clearing the mind. On a physical level, amethyst is said to strengthen the immune system.

I've been so inspired by these beauties. I have been making raw amethyst rings for my Black Feather Shop. These are now available in the Black Feather Shop: http://theblackfeather.etsy.com and on my website: www.blackfeathershop.com

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