January 5, 2014

what's for breakfast - sunday

On Sunday I made an all egg white omelet. These are so easy to make. I use "All Whites" which is a carton of egg whites. Check out how I make spinach omelets here. If I don't have fresh spinach I use frozen spinach. I always have mozzarella cheese sticks in the fridge for snacks, so I shred one and put over the spinach.

I also made some yummy applewood chicken sausages. This was a great tasting breakfast and packed a lot of protein. Just what my brother, an athletic trainer, ordered me to start eating more of. I noticed that my diet mostly consisted of carbs. What can I say I love pasta and bread and could live off of it, but in reality I am working on more balanced meals. Every meal I have must contain veggies or fruits, carbs, and protein. And, I have noticed such a difference in my energy levels since eating more protein.

Have a beautiful week!

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