February 22, 2015

New Designs at Black Feather

I have been a busy bee working on new items for my Black Feather Shop on Etsy. I have hunted all over the world for unique stones and minerals to make rings with. Lately, I have been loving working with arrowheads and wood.

And a few of my new favorites are the chrysocolla and the Russian Emerald green Uvarovite, which is mined in the Saranovski Village, Ural Mountains Region in Russia. Uvarovite, contains an intense energy. It assists one in learning to joyfully accept what is offered by the Universe, and by clearing the channels of receiving, one is more likely to accept the prosperity that is available. I love really big chunky rings and I always have one on. The healing properties of each stone are very important to me and I choose what stone I am going to wear in the morning depending on how I feel.

I have also been creating bohemian inspired necklaces and bracelets for both men and women with different materials like coral, pyrite, and quartz. 

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