February 15, 2015

Valentines and Taekwondo

Last weekend I had a belt test in Taekwondo, it was my last color belt before testing for my Black belt and we did it! I now have a black and yellow stripe belt. For the next 6 months I will be training and getting ready for the Black belt test. I will have 3 pre-tests, one every 2 months. For each pre-test I will have to go through various tests, like 80 roundhouse kicks in 1 minute, or a choreographed nunchuck routine in 10 seconds, show all the forms, self defense techniques, and sword I have learned. So it's going to be an intense 6 months, and then after I should be ready by fall 2015 to test for the Black belt. My Instructor wants me to test as early as this summer, which would mean I would have have about 4 months, and I would much rather have 6 months to completely prepare. It's all very exciting, but I am also nervous. I trust the Master I am working with and his curriculum to get me ready for that major test.

In other news, we celebrated Valentines and I was so grateful to receive such beautiful flowers during the week. Yanni and my mom were so sweet to send me flowers. I have lots of chocolates and sweet treats that I am still enjoying. It's been so hard to eat clean with all these yummy baked goods and sweets around me. I love baking and bake 1-2 times a week. My goal was to eat clean to get ready for my Black belt, but I haven't been doing so great in that department. It's all balance. I make sure to load up on plenty of fresh veggies and fruits all day, and lots of lean protein. But I do love sweets, I don't think I can completely let them go, but I have stopped eating ice cream and have banned it. I made a promise to myself that I won't eat ice cream for 6 months. So far it's been two months and I have been successful, it also helps that I started this goal in the winter, so I don't have much desire for ice cream, but as soon as the spring comes it will definitely be a challenge.

I am also reading lots. I picked up a few books and received a few as gifts. I am currently reading Carlos Santana's biography and I love it. I am big Santana fan and love learning how he became who he is known now to be. Along the way I am learning so much about his musical inspirations and listening to new music. I love hearing how different styles and musicians have inspired others and you would have never of known. Now I can see and respect the true evolution of Santana and his music. He has many layers and I am learning lots about him and learning lots from him.

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