February 23, 2015

Weekly Recap

This past week I started reading Martin Short's biography, "I Must Say", I have adored Martin Short in many different productions. One of my favorites being Three Amigos. I will be posting a summary and thoughts on all the recent books I have been reading.

This week was filled of baking and mini adventures. This week I posted two recipes that you can do with the fruit and vegetable juice pulp. With juice pulp I made Juice Pulp Quiche and Juice Pulp Muffins.

We also went out to eat at my favorite Italian restaurant, picked up some sweets like italian cookies and cupcakes at a local bakery, and picked up a few comics (did I ever tell you that I love comic books?) I would love to see Lady Killer turned into a movie. It's only the second issue, but I can really see this being an awesome film. It follows a house-wife who is also an assassin. 

We also got some snow this weekend, nothing compared to what poor Massachusetts has been experiencing, but we stayed in and I worked on quite a bit of new pieces for my Black Feather Shop, and prepared orders to ship out. I also worked on course work. I am only 2 classes away from completing my Masters degree. I am so close and looking forward to graduating. 

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