March 22, 2015

10 Easter Ideas to Make and Bake

We have finally made it to Spring! On the first day of spring we got one last, hopefully last, snowfall here in New England. I have been thinking, dreaming and planning some spring and Easter crafts.

I rounded up a few from my favorite bloggers and a few crafts I did in the past:
  1. These Bird's Nest Easter baskets I made last year are so easy to make. I promise!
  2. Making your own homemade natural dye Easter eggs is easy to do with fruits, teas, and veggies you have, and you don't have to worry about any artificials dyes.
  3. Easter table decor ideas from A Delicate Gift.
  4. Mini bird nests and personalized tags.
  5. Such a sweet Easter dessert table. Love the banner and Easter egg shaped chocolate cake. These are from A Delicate Gift.
  6. Bunny water wrappers, another goody from A Delicate Gift, they are so cute and quickly make water bottles or cups a little more festive. She has a whole bunny themed party printables in her shop.
  7. These peanut butter Easter cookies are fun to make and are soft and chewy.
  8. Spring and pastel colored M&M cookies.
  9. These pom pom bunny cupcake toppers are the cutest. I love the little bow ties. I think I might make a big one for a chocolate cake.
  10. Mini Bunny Bagels are a cute and sweet breakfast treat for Easter morning.

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