April 28, 2011

Progress on Bird Painting

I have been adding some details on her shirt.

And I am pretty close to being finished with the bird sitting on her shoulder. He came out so cute!!

I am adding some more bright pink flowers.

Below is a short video of me painting some of the shirt details.


I still have much to do with her, so I will keep you posted and will post the finished painting soon!

April 27, 2011

Cholita Inspired

With some images I found from whowhatwhere.com I compiled  a small collage of  items that were very cholita like, such as these cute hats that these lovely ladies wear that resemble bowler hats, fun ponchos, long braids, and short full skirts.

April 17, 2011

Loteria Rings

This weekend I am working on a custom order of Mexican Loteria Adjustable rings.

I am very happy with the way they are coming along.

I chose a few of my favorite loteria images, such as "El Mano", below, which translates to the Hand.

 La Luna, below, translates to "The Moon", one of my personal favorites. I think it's the combination of the pretty blue and white moon, and she is so pretty.

La Calavera, below, translates to "The Skull".

I am also taking custom orders on adjustable rings, they are large in size and come in a silver tone or gunmetal finish.
I placed all the custom rings I am making on one hand, and you can see how colorful, bright and large they are. I think my favorite one is La Sirena, La Luna, and El Mano.

I am also having a sale on my shop and will be listing some more adjustable rings:

Thanks for stopping by!!!

Have a lovely day and Happy Palm Sunday for those of you who celebrate it.

April 15, 2011

4 Year Anniversary on Etsy Today!

Today marks 4 years since I have been on Etsy!!! I have met so many wonderful people on Etsy through forums, through messages people have written me. I use to be in the Connecticut Etsy Team, and we disbanded about 2 years ago, and I miss those ladies!!

I have enjoyed being on Etsy. I feel a strong sense of community when I am on there. I have so many new items to add to the shop and I am considering a makeover of my shop! I created a SALE section: Click here

As a gift to my lovely customers, I am giving an extra 10% off any item, use the following code when shopping in my shop on Etsy:  THANKS10 (does not include reserved/custom orders)
Have a lovely day!!

April 14, 2011

spring shopping

Spring is in the air and I am craving a new wardrobe! It is time to pack away my winter clothes, the scarves, sweaters, heavy boots, coats, and time to bring out the lighter and breezier pieces.

I have been working on a small but meaningful, to me, list of spring items.

I absolutely love these miu miu clogs. I haven't worn clogs since my hay day, but I love the neutral color of these, the studs, and the wooden heel and platform. These would look great with a boho dress (which is my go to outfit in the summer) and leggings (which is my go to pants).

I also love long tunics and tops to wear with those go to pants of mine (leggings) and this pretty navy blue Current Elliott top not only looks comfortable, but is def. a break from my go to color (black)!
And what's my go to jacket in the spring in summer? A jean jacket, I got this fab one from H&M!

And what am I going to wear with my go to jacket and long maxi dress. I love this Milly "Caroline" maxi silk dress. I wish it was jersey, because I love long jersey dress for the summer and for travling.

And I of course need some accessories. I love this ring! It reminds of a ring I gave Yanni a long time ago, which was a favorite ring of mine. It is very greek inspired!

 And this agate necklace is to die for. I can see myself wearing this every day, because it will go with just about anything because of the beautiful colors.

And as most of you already know I love turqouise, and this cuff is so beautifully made, it would look great on my wrist with my jean jacket rolled up and a love flowing black jersey maxi dress and my miu miu shoes!
Last, but not least is my avitator sunglasses. I love these sunglasses. Theyremind me of one of my favorite men, Stallone.  I usually wear big large sunglasses in the winter, but in the spring and summer I like to lighten up my clothes and sunglasses and these are the best!