March 26, 2018

Bunny Pinata

Happy Spring!! Easter is right around the corner and I was inspired to make this bunny pinata by The Art Dream. It is so cute and sweet,  and I needed a new friend to add to my Pinata pals.

He isn't too hard to make, as he is mostly one large oval shape, the hardest part for me was figuring out how to cover the top of his ears. To get started you need:
  • Cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Glue
  • White Crepe Paper (Streamer paper)
  • White, Pink, Black paper

First, cut out the bunny shape in the cardboard, two pieces have to be identical in shape/size.

Next, cut out long pieces of cardboard, all of these pieces must be the same width, about an 1.5 inches, this will be the width and sides of your bunny. Tape these cardboard strips all along the two identical cardboard cutouts. Here is a video of me creating a skull pinata, it will show you how to tape the two pieces together. Next, you will want to begin gluing the streamer paper.

Using white streamer paper cut small slits on the bottom side. I usually roll a bunch together and cut the little slits, this saves a lot of time. I then glue the strips starting at the bottom until you go all the way to the top.

Next, using pink construction paper cut out two large bunny ears, a nose, and two circles for the cheeks.  I then cut out a smile (half circle) and eyes with black paper. Lastly, I cut out strips of white paper and two teeth and I glued them on. Your bunny pinata can look however you would like. So feel free to change his face up.

I won't be filling him up with candy, he is just going to be my companion and bringing a smile to my face. I am thinking about giving him a little bow tie.

I hope you get a chance to make this little guy. He stands about 2 feet tall with his ears, and you can make it larger or smaller. And these would also be super cute as mini ones to give as gifts on Easter. Enjoy!!