May 5, 2013

how to make a pinata

What better way to get into the Cinco de Mayo spirit than to make your very own pinata. This weekend I made these cute donkey pinatas for a fiesta themed birthday party I am working on.

To get started stack two pieces of cardboard and draw a donkey outline and use a box cutter to cut two identical layers. 

Next, cut strips of cardboard. My strips are about 5 inches wide. You can make them as wide or as thin as you want. Take the cardboard strips and tape together the top and the bottom piece on the seam.

When you get to an edge, like the foot, just make a crease in the cardboard so it bends. 

The mini donkey pinatas were made with cereal and taco box cardboard.

Next, use glue and newspapers to cover his body, though this step is not necessary, I did this for reinforcement. Next, using a box cutter cut a door on the top to drop candy/prizes in.

Cut two holes on the top to loop for the rope if you plan on hanging him.

Next, using colorful streamers cut little strips of fringe. Surprisingly, cutting fringe and gluing the fringe on the pinata body took the longest.

Glue the fringed streamers in overlapping layers. I recommend layering about 3-4 of the same color at a time.

After all the fringes were glued on, I made his eyes and used black cardboard for his nose.

Click download to print the donkey eyes I made. I provided you a few different sizes depending on the size of your pinata.

He measures about 2.5 feet tall and 2 feet wide and is very strong and sturdy. If you have adults that are going to beat him I recommend reinforcing it with another layer or two of newspaper.

It's fiesta time!! As you can imagine after spending so much time with him I can't bare to use him as a real pinata to stuff with candy and to break, so he will now be a permanent member of the family.

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Erin said...

I love this pinata! I am throwing a cinco de mayo party for my sister's birthday this year and this would be so cute as a game for us to play and to put on the table for decoration. Thanks!