December 28, 2009

Postcards, Tote Bags, and more...

It's the season of giving and I added some new postcards in my Zazzle shop. The postcards are glossy and make a perfect way to send a little note to a loved one.
Also, there are some sales going on in my Zazzle shop. During checkout you will see: 20-25% off mousepads and tote bags. Code: ZAZZLEACSALE

December 6, 2009

Mix Media

I am currently working on this mix media piece, which includes, paint, ink, cardstock and a variety of other pieces. She is a little cholita girl standing in front of Mt. Illimani holding her picked coca leaves.

I will keep you updated on the finished piece.

November 22, 2009

Mini 2010 Calendar

I love calendars and I especially love my little latin inspired calendar. It comes with 12 different mini prints and months.

I have created perpetual calendars, desktop calendars and now I made these cute mini ones which are perfect for a desk and doesn't take up too much room!
These photos show the matte version, but I am selling glossy ones for in my shop: Click here

Panda Ornament

As you might already know, I love all animals, so this holiday seasib while making my ornaments I decided to make a line of different animals. I made a Panda, cats, monkeys, and a reindeer so far.

I can't wait to show you the monkey and reindeer!
The Panda is available at the etsy shop: Click here

November 20, 2009

Frida & Skull Garland for the Christmas Tree

I recently finished a custom order for a wonderful customer of mine who wanted to make a Frida and Skull themed Christmas Tree! What a wonderful idea!!

I made her custom skull ornaments and frida dolls that are laminated for protection and strung for garland around the tree.

She inspired me and I recently made skull garland as well.

Check it out on my Christmas tree!

I have some skull garland left and might be posting it in the shop soon:)

Happy Holidays!

November 15, 2009

Skull Ornaments

Ho Ho Ho Ho...Merry Christmas!

Can you believe Thanksgiving is almost here! I love Thanksgiving and everything about it; the turkey, the mashed potatoes, the stuffing, the count down to Christmas, the whole thing!
I wanted to finish up my skull holiday ornaments before Thanksgiving.

The majority of the skull ornaments are being sold at Dava in Hamden, Connecticut. So if you are in the CT area stop by for some unique gifts!

And just a few are going to be listed in my Etsy shop.

November 13, 2009

November 12, 2009

Sneak Peak of Skull Ornaments....

Guess what I have been working on?

I have been working on handmade and handpainted skull ornaments for the holidays.

And I also made some animal themed ones. As most of you know I have a special place in my heart for all animals. I made a few little cats and zoo themed ornaments too.

I will posting the Ornaments on Friday, November 13th in my Etsy shop:

Stay tuned tomorrow for an updated post with ornament information.

November 9, 2009

Ghost Whisperer

Have I told you that I really like to watch Ghost Whisperer :)

It is on Friday nights on CBS at 9pm.

"The series follows the life of Melinda Gordon (Jennifer Love Hewitt), who has the ability to see and communicate with the dead. While trying to live as normal a life as possible, Melinda helps them pass over to the other side by working as a paranormal investigator (secretly).

Unfortunately I haven't been able to watch them lately, but to my surprise over the weekend I found that there are a few full episodes that I missed available online: Click here
Just wanted to share this little tidbit incase you like watching paranormal shows too! :) If you do, then I think you will like Ghost Whisperer.
Take care,

November 1, 2009

Feliz Dia de Los Muertos - Happy Day of the Dead

Happy Day of the Dead!!!
Happy All Saint's Day!!

I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween and didn't eat too much chocolate! I had a wonderful Halloween and watched plenty of scary movies. I had a Halloween marathon going last night with plenty of chocolates and buttered up popcorn!!

And today is Day of the Dead, a celebration of life and a celebration for those who we love that have past on.

As you know most of my artwork is inspired by this very day. I hold this day very close to me.

The paintings and artwork might be considered morbid to most. The skulls and the theme of death that plays out in many of the pieces might appear morbid, but in actuality it is a look inside the cultures that believe in the after life and who celebrate Day of the Dead because death affects all of us throughout our lives. Death is not something that many people put much thought into until it occurs. Family members, family pets, friends, and loved ones have or will eventually pass on. The paintings and artwork that I create hopefully promotes healthy speaking and thinking about life and death.

Whether people believe in the after life or not, death is a part of life and thinking about it is not wrong or unhealthy, but rather a celebration of life.


October 25, 2009

Few more masks before Halloween!

New Frida Mask

A Native Inspired Mask

A little Vampire inspired by Twilight

I cannot believe Halloween and Dia de los Muertos in only a few days away!

I have been making masks and sugar skulls for custom orders and have been able to sneak away and make another 3-4 masks to list on the shop for you click here :)

Thanks for stopping by!!


October 20, 2009

New Updates in the shop..

It's been a crazy few days. Can you believe that Halloween is just 2 weeks away!

I have been having a wonderful time creating Day of the Dead masks. My favorite Frida one sold the other day to a wonderful person. So I am happy she is going to a wonderful home.

This is the recently sold Frida mask..I loved her! I just might have to make myself a similiar one...
I have put some updates in the Etsy shop: click here

I just listed this fun pocket skull mirror of one of my original paintings. I have it another colors too. I believe I have him in black, blue, and red:

I have such a wonderful time making these dual brooch and pendant necklaces. I just listed one in the shop: Click here

Last, but not least, I listed a large adjustable ring of a high quality image of my Day of the Dead Skull mask painting. If you prefer his background to be another color, let me know. Because I can make his background purple, green, or turqouise click here

I am still working on perfecting my little chocolate skull heads, as soon as I finish a good batch I will def. show you the pictures.


October 13, 2009

Vote for me in "Which Dia de los Muertos item wakes the Dead?

I have some exciting news!! I was just contacted by Etsy that one of my items was nominated for voting for "Which Dia de los Muertos item wakes the Dead?"

All you have to do is:
1. Login to etsy (or register for a free account)

2. Click on the "Community" tab on the top and then click on "Voter" circled in red below:

Thanks so much for your support!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

October 10, 2009

Paper Mache Masks...

I have been having so much fun creating these masks. So far I have created only a few. The first one I created was a little devil called "el diablito". It was handpainted by me and I added two little cardstock horns which I think completes it wonderfully and has long ribbons on both sides to tie around your face.

The masks can also just be hung on the wall for a nice decoration.

I also made a Frida mask. They are just so sweet. They are pretty large in size. They measure a little under 9 inches tall.

I hope you like them. I will be working on a few more Frida ones with more details and scrolls on the face and also some sugar skull ones!
I will post the Frida one in the Etsy shop : Click here

And the Devil Mask is listed here for auction: Click here

September 29, 2009

Papier Mache Sugar Skulls

I have listed some more papier mache skulls that I am working on for Dia de los Muertos. These are so much fun to paint. I finished 2 Frida ones and the rest are for Day of the Dead.

I am offering just a few for sale: Click here

Thanks for stopping by!!


September 22, 2009

Did I tell you?

..that I love the fall. That means Halloween and Dia de los Muertos is just around the corner. This is my favorite time of year. We are starting to get cool nights and cool mornings here in Connecticut. Time to break out the sweaters!!! I wanted to share with you some of the things I have my eye on for the fall...
Fun and colorful sweaters...

Plaid. It's back! And I actually really like it. It looks like something I can wear on a cool fall day with leggings and my boots while eating my chocolate chip pancakes.

This is a plaid coat I found at Anthropologie...

I also need some fall dresses and I love this Rachel Pally Dress in Terracotta. I am thinking about painting my artroom Terracotta with white trim. It can give me a nice southwestern feel.

This dress would be perfect under a big sweater. You can easily take this from the summer into fall.

How about accessories and fun cosmetics?

Nordstrom is going to be premiering Luna Twilight cosmetics around November. Can't wait...
The lip venom is available now: Click here
The formula contains a venom-tinged conditioning oil on top and a rich red lip stain...

Did I tell you? I love boots. I have my favorite Frye boots, but I just loved these studded boots..

The other item I have my eyes on our these frilly and colorful scarves...

And these silk skull scarves are perfect for a fall gift. Click here for details.

And last but not least I need a new black or navy velour sweatsuit. Its perfect for the cool weekends I feel like lounging around in the art room.

I hope you like some of my fall wishlist...