August 4, 2016

My Favorite Things - Summer Edition

This summer I have found a few sweet deals and things that have quickly become my favorite things lately that I wanted to share with you.

Free People Embroidered Stargazer Mini Dress. I now have it in red and black and I could live in this, well, I practically do. It's supposed to be a dress, but it's too short for me to wear it as a dress, so I wear leggings or jeans with them, and looks just like a tunic. It's very flattering as it cinches in the waist.

Tory Burch Positano Lace-Up Espadrille Platform Wedge Sandals. I was looking for these everywhere, but they were sold out. I found a shop online that allowed for signing up for a wait list and I asked to be alerted if my size ever became available again. I kinda gave up hope on them, but lo and behold a few days later, my lucky stars, I received an e-mail late at night indicating that there was one available, I jumped on it and bought them for half the price. And love them. I had one incident though, on one hot summer day I tied the ropes around my ankles to tightly and got a rope burn on both inner ankles, ouch.

Zara Jeans. So I had basically been living in Level 99 jeans for so long, they were my absolute favorite for years, but the inner thigh area was starting to thin out, one day a few months ago I bent down and they split. Coincidentally, I was heading to Zara and tried on a pair that looked very similar to the Level 99 jeans and I loved them. These have now become my go to. And I should probably buy one more in case years down the road these split too. Similar Pair | Similar Pair

MPow Headphones and Gear Beast Sport Pack Belt. This summer I got back into running again. I absolutely love it. I only run about 2.5 miles and I do this about every other day. Yanni recently bought me these bluetooth headphones with this fanny pack. I tuck in my mobile device with music, a key, ID, or anything small I might need, and can listen to music while I run. The pouch is super comfortable, lightweight, and I don't even notice it around my waist. The headphones are awesome and have buttons on the ear to replay a song, pause, or go to the next song and increase or decrease the volume and the music comes out super clear.

Physician Formula Organic Mascara. I don't know about you, but my eyes are prone to get very itchy. It could be allergies, but I think it's my eye makeup. I have been slowly replacing my make-up with natural options. Recently, I replaced my mascaras with this Physician Formula Organic Mascara that is free from dyes andsynthetics. It's thick, yet at the same time it separates eye lashes, and so far my eyes haven't been itchy. Crossing my fingers on this one.

Moroccan Oil Defining Curl Cream. I haven't blow dried my hair in about 3 months. Luckily, I have pretty wavy hair, with some curls that can pass as the whole beachy wave trend.

In the shower I condition my hair and brush it out with a comb, once I get out of the shower, I put this cream in my hair and I let it air dry, it's practically frizzless.

In the morning I tame any frizzes next or unruly strands with Shu Uemura Hair Paste that I originally bought Yanni, but I have been hogging it all up because it works so well. These two are my go-to hair products this summer.

Jane the Virgin and Fuller House. So if you know me, you know I don't watch TV. We cut off our cable and became renegades many years ago. We just didn't want to spend our time in front of the television. Since then I lost a whopping 50 pounds (52 pounds exactly), and obviously what I ate and exercise played a role, but I honestly feel that not sitting and watching TV for hours at night contributed to that success.

I have been out of the loop on shows forever, but movies on the other hand I love to watch and will watch a movie one or two times a week.

A couple of friends recommended a documentary that was exclusively on Netflix, and we were very interested in and another show that we had some interest in seeing. So we got a free one month trial for Netflix to give it a chance. They always have one month free trials, so you can give it a whirl if you want. Well, we loved it. I made a profile for me and one for Yanni and he gets to add some of his favorite genres and I do the same to my profile.

I found Fuller House and watched all the season 1 episode in like a week. I loved it. It was sweet, fun and funny, and relaxing to watch. And then I got into Jane the Virgin. I heard so much about Gina Rodriguez and I was really interested in seeing it and I wasn't disappointed. It's a great show, great characters, and actors, and I am on season two now.

So these are a few of my favorite things right now. All of these things have been putting a little smile on my face, and it's important to do and be surrounded by things that you like and love.