September 28, 2016

Cora Natural and Organic Tampons

I recently found the gold standard of tampons and they are 100% organic cotton!

Finding natural and organic tampons can be a bit of a challenge, especially ones with a bpa-free plastic applicator.  These from Cora are just that - organic cotton with a BPA-free plastic applicator. And there are a few reasons why I love them.

I especially love that for every month's supply of Cora purchased, a month's supply of pads are given to a girl in need. Cora provides pads to girls in developing countries, and they are distributed to girls at local schools that couldn't access or afford them.

First, it is subscription based. So you receive a 3 month supply every 3 months. And you can choose your payment plan (annually, every 3 months or yearly).

How many you need and the type you need (regular or super absorbent) is factored in on how many and how much it will be. And because you will receive a monthly supply you never have to worry about running out. I know I always forget to go out a get some, especially when it comes to buying organic tampons, I can't just go to any store to buy them, because many stores do not carry 100% organic cotton tampons.

They come with the cutest little vegan leather clutch to store you tampons in. I put this in my bag and can carry it to the bathroom without feeling like I am a double 007 spy trying to hide my tampon up my sleeve or when I don't have long sleeves sticking it in my bra or a sock at work or at a restaurant.

It also comes with a black box that you can store all your tampons in, so you don't have to hide them in a closet or under the sink. You can just keep them right in sight.

And it comes with these adorable cardboard holders that look like lipsticks, which is another way to store them in your bag or purse.

I used them recently and found them to be very easy to use and most importantly comfortable. Women will understand when I tell them that the plastic applicator doesn't pinch after the tampon is pushed up. And I found them very absorbent and didn't experience any leaks.

I also have $5.00 off your first order, by using CORA5Kim, which expires July 15.  Enjoy!