March 15, 2017

Saint Patrick's Day Treats

I listed a few of my favorite easy Saint Patrick's Day treats to make the day before or day of Saint Patrick's Day. You are going to love how simple and easy these are to do.

1.  I love a good peanut butter and sandwich. I usually eat one before I work out and sneak in some slices of bananas in it too. I simply toast the bread and use a shamrock shaped cookie cutter to cut one toast and then I fill the shamrock cut out with jam. I used a peach jam so it looked like a gold shamrock.

Here is the full step by step:

2. Leprechaun hats made with chocolate covered marshmallows and Keebler's fudge stripe cookies.
Recipe and Photo from:

Tip: To make this easier,  I recommend dipping the marshmallows in chocolate (or buying chocolate rolos) putting them over a chocolate cookie and simply adding a mini cut out green shamrock.

3. These are easy peanut butter shamrock cookies using the same shamrock cookie cutter. I also use it to make chocolate chip shaped shamrock cookies.

Here is the recipe:

4. Rainbow Veggies. This is such a cute and quick idea. All you need is a slice of green, yellow, orange, red pepper and cauliflower put it over a mini bowl of salsa, guacamole or my favorite hummus (recipe and photo via

I hope these little fun treats bring a smile on your face.

March 1, 2017

Saint Patrick's Day Oreo Treats - You're the Gold at the End of my Rainbow

Top of the morning to you! For Saint Patrick's Day I made these Milk Chocolate Covered Oreos and wrapped them in gold and rainbow colors. They are available in packs of 9, 6, or 4 and each one comes wrapped in a matching bow with a rainbow note to give to your loved one that says "You're the Pot of Gold at the end of my Rainbow".

They all are milk chocolate covered oreos, but you can request dark or white chocolate too.

Shop ChocolateFinch below. Happy Saint Patrick's Day. I wish you a day filled of joy and luck.