August 21, 2013

weekend recap - french toast and pez

We headed over to the Pez manufacturing center and visitor center recently and had so much fun. Who would have thought it was located in Connecticut. It was small, but we took our time going through all the history the candy and dispensers. Did you know it was invented in 1927 in Austria, and it was originally a breath mint? Neither did I. It wasn't until the 1950's that their dispensers were characters, and even space guns, and not until the late 80's that feet were added to the dispensers.

They had a huge collection of different dispensers, and we got to see some new ones come out in the fall. You can't help but want to start a collection when you see so many and get inspired.

The weekend was also filled of food. We went out for brunch and had this yummy french toast with cream cheese and strawberries. And we also were introduced to Korean food, so we stopped by a local Korean and Japanese restaurant and ate some good food. I never had Korean before and not's it's my favorite. I stopped by for lunch a few times this week. 

Have a beautiful week ahead! 

August 17, 2013

little of this and a little of that

It's been a couple of busy weeks with work, martial arts, training, planning a few events, and creating new pieces and working on new projects.  I haven't been posting as much as I would like to. I made some time for me this past weekend and we headed to the beach to walk and talk. It's so important to disconnect. It feels so good to be surrounded by nature and to disconnect from our every day thoughts, stresses and most importantly for me - technology. Find a place close by, you don't have to drive far to find a place to disconnect.

One thing I love to do and have recently put an effort to do is meditate, I do it almost every day now. Learning the power of what breathing in and breathing out can do for you is key. We all breath in an out, but it's being in touch with your body and mind while you do it in a state of calmness is what's important to achieve.

Closing your eyes, and focusing on absolutely nothing, but pure and positive thoughts can be enlightening and energizing.  

Try it this weekend for a few minutes.

Peace and Love!