January 28, 2020

Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Men

GameStop Gift Card & Video Games
If he loves gaming, I recommend buying him some gifts cards for his favorite gaming system(s). Depending on his system of choice, you can purchase a "Steam" card, "Nintendo eShop", or "Playstation Store" gift card for him to buy his games online or a Game Stop gift card so he can buy physical games. I still buy physical games.

I have heard mixed messages about Game Stop, but I have always had great experiences at my local Game Stop. The employees have always been super friendly with us. I bought a few games this past Christmas for my brother and my boyfriend. And, I love to play video games too!  I mostly play on Nintendo Switch. Maybe I should make another post in the near future with some of my favorite video games?

Because this is a Valentine's Gift Guide I will recommend a fun game we loved playing together. I highly recommend for couples to play "Overcooked 1 and 2" together, which is a multi-player game that requires teamwork, communication, and patience with each other.  In "Overcooked", you and your teammate, both of you are chefs, must work together to prepare, cook and serve different types of foods in certain orders under a time limit. You get to prepare foods like sushi, hamburgers, salads and much more. One of you chops and the other serves and cooks. Each kitchen you play in switches things up and makes a real fun and interesting game. You earn tips and money for each order which helps you advance to the next game. It was my favorite game.

MasterClass offers online classes taught by actors and renowned experts in their field. For example, Stephen Curry teaches ball handling and shooting for basketball; Steven Martin teaches Comedy; Martin Scorsese teaches Filmmaking...and the list goes on. There are classes on science, poker, business, acting, writing, cooking, guitar lessons and so much more. And all taught be well-known experts. Each class is a mini video with different lessons. I bought this as a Christmas gift and the package came with another login, so I can watch my own classes, and he watches his own.

Kiehls's Ultimate Brushless Shave Cream - White Eagle
One of my boyfriend's favorite shaving cream. He loves it because it is smooth and spiked with Menthol and Camphor.

Banana Republic Sweater
My boyfriend loves a good sweater and some of his favorites are from Banana Republic. I have also found some great comparable ones at Target. I like to get him unexpected colors, so he doesn't just have grays and browns. I bought him a few red and green ones for Valentine's Day.

Mens Bracelets
I have quite a few men's bracelets in the shop and I also have some crystals and stones. The men in my life love hematite, apatite, labradorite and tiger's eye. These make great gifts for rock collectors and for anyone who loves minerals. And if you believe in metaphysical properties, depending on the crystal they are known for luck, calming energy, love; and if you don't they look great on a desk and beautiful pieces of natural art.

Every Man Jack Sandalwood Body Kit & Face and Body Wipes
I bought this kit for my boyfriend for Christmas. He loves Every Man Jack Deodorant because it is aluminum-free and he likes the Sandalwood scent. I wear Every Man Jack Deodorant too.

He has tried many aluminum-free deodorants and this one is by far his favorite and works for him. The kit comes with a body wash, 2-in1 shampoo & conditioner, and the aluminum-free deodorant. I got it for an amazing deal, $19.99 on Amazon and they have it online at Target and Ulta too.

After the gym or when he needs to wash his face quick, he uses these face wipes, and they can be used on the body too. It has Aloe + Vitamin E hydrate. And there is no need to rinse. He also loves Burt's Bee's Facial Wipes.

Marshall Stockwell Portable Bluetooth Speaker
I bought this a few Christmas' ago and he loves it. He is a fan of Marshall products and this portable, wireless bluetooth speaker really has a great and loud sound and looks vintagey, which we both love. Comes with a USB port to charge your while you're on the go.

AngryGoat Pepper Sauce
My boyfriend is a huge fan of hot sauces. Right now his favorite is the Armadillo sauce from AngryGoat Pepper, which he drizzles on his tacos.

Amazon Echo Show
We recently got one as a gift and we have been enjoying it. We use it to listen to music, read and watch recipes, to get the weather, quick news highlights, and watch movies while we are in the kitchen cooking. And it does so much more. I especially love that when I ask it to play a song, I can follow along and sing with the lyrics displayed on the screen, instead of me just pretending I know the words : )