August 28, 2011

weekend recap

I love pretty and yummy cookies. It's a weakness of mine. I thought I deserved a few sweet treats with all the worries we had due to Hurricane Irene.

Irene came to Connecticut in the wee hours of Sunday morning and this morning Yanni took a picture of this tree that fell in front of us.

We had to alter our plans and stay home this weekend because of Hurricane Irene, better safe then sorry. On the positive side, it was nice to stay home, lounge, relax, and do things around the house. We popped popcorn, watched movies, like Ace Ventura Pet Detective. I love Jim Carrey, he always makes me laugh.

And we also enjoyed this yummy organic non-dairy "ice cream", which tastes absolutely yummy with cinnamon and peaches. There is nothing better then being able to read and understand the ingredients of what you put in your body.

I also had an urge to do some pencil drawings. I've been inspired by my new shop Black Feather and I wanted to draw a picture of a feather, but the drawing became bigger than just one feather. I kept drawing more and more feathers. The feather with the little birds breaking out and flying off the feather was inspired by a tattoo I had seen online. I really liked the way it came out and I had an extra frame I wasn't using and a few mats. I over lapped a beige one and a purple one and decided to frame it and put it up in my room on my dresser.

I think it compliments my Native American and Bolivian decor very nicely.

I also started painting Dia de los Muertos Masks and will be listing them in my Peachy Cheek Etsy shop.

Have a wonderful week!!

August 25, 2011

In the works : New Saint Painting

I haven't been painting as much as I would like to. I have been planning a party, which I will be sharing with you soon enough! And that's what I have been spending my little nights on. But I did have some time to sneak away to the art room for just a little bit to work on this small painting of the Virgin of Guadalupe.

And I have some ideas brewing for future projects. I want to get my hands on some clay and create small sculptures. Georgina from La Llorona Arts always inspires me. She has created such awesome dia de los muertos pieces.

My next few pieces after this will be a few religious inspired paintings but make them look like mosiacs that you see in beautiful churches.

The print on her shawl inspired me to do this.

August 21, 2011

banana cinnamon pancakes

Oh beautiful weekend morning. How I love thee. I love the bright sun piercing through my open blinds and brightening the room while I listen to Scott August who plays beautiful native american flute music. On this beautiful morning I made my weekend special, pancakes. But not just any pancakes, like my usual blueberry or chocolate ones, this time I had some bananas that needed some tending too. I was just about to make some banana nut bread (which I will be making too), and decided to slice a banana and make banana pancakes.

I added the slices of bananas right into the batter.

Yanni doesn't like bananas, but I love them. He will only "eat" them if I put them in a smoothie. I asked him if he was willing to try them in pancakes, and he shocked the both of us and said yes.

I didn't want him to go into shock, so I added some cinnamon :)

And these came out so delicious!! He loved them.


August 17, 2011

introducing The Black Feather

I would like to introduce to my newest adventure and shop: The Black Feather I have two shops representing two different worlds.

Peachy Cheek is my art, which you can find on postcards, mirrors, jewelry I have crafted, and it's also my blog.

The Black Feather is my rock'n vintage finds and handcrafted jewelry and clothing, it is vintage, boho and rock inspired.

Most of the items I will list will be a mix of upcycled vintage or upcycled finds, which means the re-purposing of a material into something else or better, and items I handcraft and make like jewelry.

You are going to see a lot of vintage, hand studded pieces, head chains, bracelets, rings. I love studs on my shoes, boots, jewelry and bags. I have transformed quite a few pieces in my wardrobe and now I get to share that with you in my Black Feather shop.

I have quite a few more pieces I will be listing very soon in my etsy shop: 

I hope you like!

Thanks so much for stopping by.

August 15, 2011

sunnie brooks

When I got the mail today I found a large box addressed to me. Well who could be sending little old me something? It was from Sunnie Brooks!

Sunnie is an amazing and talented hair and makeup artist and I follow her blog. Please check it out here. Well, not so long ago, she had a little giveaway and I won it! It just made my day, week, and month!

Victoria Secret Tan Enhance Shimmer Lotion with Tint.

Victoria's Secret Bronze Sun Dust Bronze Shimmer Body Powder. This is perfect to use on your exposed legs and arms in the summer. 

 Victoria's Secret Bombshell Summer Perfume, which smells heavenly! And a large VS Beach bag.

Isn't she a doll?! She's really sweet, which is why I love love watching her videos and I am always learning a new thing or two. Check out her blog here.

Thanks so much Sunnie!! I am loving all the new products.

August 11, 2011

1 - Prepare items you will need:  scissors, strong epoxy glue, gloss, photo, necklace setting, and sun
2 - Select necklace setting
3- Cut picture to fit in setting
4 - Continue to cut around the picture until its perfectly cut in the shape desired

5 - Glue picture on necklace setting
6 - Apply Resin. I use Lisa Pavelka Magic Gloss.
7 -  Fill entire area of image with resin
8 - Make sure the entire area has a full layer of resin. 

Make sure item is on a flat surface because you will need to move it outside/

9 - You need some sun because the uv rays will harden the gloss we applied.
10 - Place the pendant in the sun, I usually leave it out for about 1-2 hours depending on the time of day and how much sun you have.
11 -  Once it cures, the gloss will be hardened. Sometimes I will put a few more coats if I want to create a dome shape.  That process is a little tricky because you may develop bubbles when applying the gloss. I use a small tooth pick to remove bubble before it cures. After, I put the pendant on a favorite chain
12 -  Wear it proudly!

Enjoy! And enjoy the weekend!

August 7, 2011


This weekend we went through a sunflower maze at Lyman Orchard in Connecticut. We got there a little too early. In the next week or so they will grow another 5-6 inches! But I was still able to capture a few good photos and we had a great time.

We made an afternoon out of it and had lunch there. This is the same orchard we went to when we went through the corn maze last year. We first had a little lunch and I couldn't help myself and got a little sweet treat to eat, like a slice of chocolate cake.

The maze was going pretty smoothly...

You see there are a series of 10 questions that you need to answer (you choose the topic: movie, sports, music..) and depending on how you answer these question it will guide you through the maze.

We were zipping through it until question # 5. We knew the answer was "right", but it kept taking us to dead ends. A few groups were having the same issue with the same question.

After about 30 minutes we finally found a way out and moved to #6 and finshed the maze. I thought we were going to be there all night! Thank goodness we followed a little kid who knew what he was doing and he saved us.