July 30, 2011

My favorite nail colors right now

For this look I put a coat of "sugar daddy" from essie and only two or three layers of "strobe light", the more layers the more pink glitter. 

July 17, 2011

99 not-so-red balloons

I was recently featured in the "99 not-so-red balloons" Treasury featuring other artists with balloon inspired work. Check it out here.

July 13, 2011

sugar skull party

Yup, I am having a sugar skull party! In my art room that is.

I have sugar skulls up to my neck and it's great. I can't stop making these!

But that did remind me that about a year ago I was approached for a custom order of sugar skulls, they all had to be white with black designs. The customer was having a sugar skull themed party and each sugar skull head was going to be the centerpiece with real flowers coming out of the top of the head.

I thought that was a great idea! I would love to have a sugar skull themed party! I am going to make an inspiration board in the next few days for a sugar skull themed party!

July 12, 2011

Summer Wedge

I would love all or any of these shoes for the summer. I've been literally living in 2 pairs of shoes all summer, one of them being my black flip flops, which are so comfortable, and I got them at an orthopedic store and they are suppose to be good for my back.

But I gathered a few shoes for you and me that I have been dreaming of for summer. They are all so cute in their own little unique way. As you can see I am partial to the wedge for the summer, and that's only because I like to stay above the ground and not sink into the grass or sand ;)
1. Miu Miu Butterfly Slingback Clog
2. Missoni Summer Wedge
3. Stuart Weitzman Espadrille
4. Bettye Muller Espadrille
5. Pedro Garcia Mary Jane Wedge
6. Seychelles 'Witness' Sandal

July 10, 2011

Flower Swim Caps

[Photographed by koto bolofo (first two) and gabor jurina]

Swimming, cooling feet in the pool, sand,
seashellsbeaches, sunbathing,
smelling coconut oil, red painted toes, pink cheeks,
hot pavement you can't walk on,
iced tea, and grilling, all encompass my ideal summer.

And after seeing these gorgeous flower swim caps I want one!

July 9, 2011

Featured on "Anything Frida" Treasury

One of my Day of the Dead paper mache sugar skulls have been featured on an "Anything Frida" treasury!!

It's honor to be featured with such amazing artists and Frida lovers!! I love that Frida is still recognized and still very known. I have met many many people who are not aware of Frida or her art, and after my initial shock, I am happy to explain how wonderful she was and is.

As you may already know, I love painting! Most of my artwork consists of inspirations from my own culture, but I have a sweet spot for Frida and Day of the Dead (aka Dia de los Muertos).

I got a head start on painting my paper mache sugar skulls this year. Usually I don't start painting them until October, for the holiday, which is celebrated right after Halloween, on the first day of November. But I have listed quite a few of them already in my Etsy shop! Don't forget Free Shipping on all items in my Etsy shop in July!!

Thank you so much for you support and stopping by!!

July 6, 2011


Today you would have been 104 years old.

Today we celebrate you!
I recently read a book about you and your life, about your talented father, your hardships and turmoils, and your inspirations.

You have been an inspiration for me and many many people.

Your art and you are admired by the young, the old, and everyone in between.

Happy Birthday!

July 4, 2011



Here are some photos that I took this weekend that are fourth of July inspired:)

-My blue wrap and red nails
-Can't celebrate the fourth of July without sparklers, they are a tradition, as I am sure they are for most! I lined up sparklers in a row once night fell to represent each member of my family :) So that way it's like they are with me.
- I also treated myself to a yummy dessert: a small slice of angel cake, plenty of freshly cut strawberries and whipped cream. It was soo good!

Have a great night!