July 10, 2011

Flower Swim Caps

[Photographed by koto bolofo (first two) and gabor jurina]

Swimming, cooling feet in the pool, sand,
seashellsbeaches, sunbathing,
smelling coconut oil, red painted toes, pink cheeks,
hot pavement you can't walk on,
iced tea, and grilling, all encompass my ideal summer.

And after seeing these gorgeous flower swim caps I want one!


Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Oh my goodness these bring back memories!! I am old enough that I remember wearing these when I was a lot younger like around 12 years old! These look so much cooler than the ones that were available then. I really like the ones with the flowers!!

PeachyCheek said...

Hi Alicia! Thanks for stopping in! I had a swim cap too when I use to take swimming lessons at the Y when I was a kid:) And they didnt look as pretty as these. I am pretty sure I had a plain white one. I wonder if I can pull one of these off now:)

Take care!!