February 10, 2012

weekly gratitude

I haven't done a weekly gratitude in sometime. A lovely blogger I use to follow started this and she unfortunately doesn't blog anymore, but I enjoyed this positive reflection of the week and will continue doing it when I am able to. Every week we should reflect on the positive things that happen in life, however small they may be, it let's me cherish every moment I have here. This week I am grateful for so many things, here are a few things I am grateful for this week:

- Homemade blueberry pie and the late night run my partner in crime did to grab some vanilla ice cream so we can eat it with.

- Our long walks outside after work to disconnect from the technology world we live in constantly.

 - Tangerines.

 - Blueberry pancakes in the morning.

- I am thankful for being able to work with my hands and to create things I love.

- Happy for yummy chinese food. I have been enjoying sesame chicken, brown rice and broccoli. But for some funny and odd reason, I only got one piece of broccoli!!

- I am grateful for my guitar and the guitar lessons I have been receiving and will continue to do for the rest of the year!! I absolutely love it! Hopefully, I can soon place a little song for you.

-  Thankful for the opportunity to create custom skulls, that I happily finished after working on them for about a month, for a lovely lady! Hope to share photos soon.

- I am grateful for the movies I keep finding at my awesome local video store. It's not a big chain, just a small local video store with the best selection of movies I have ever seen in my life. I go to them as much as I can, at least once a week to support their business. And I worry about their fate in this technological world where most of our movies now stream online. I never want this place to close.

I don't watch many new releases, because I don't go to the movie theaters anymore. I really enjoy finding films I should have watched many years ago, such as West World (1973), the Lone Wolf and Cub series, Soylent Green (1973) staring Charles Heston, in an overpopulated futuristic New York. There is no food, running water, no jobs, total chaos and its extremely interesting and scary to think that there is potential for us to run into something similiar down the road because of global warming and other factors.

- And grateful for the same video store's weekly free music shows. We went and saw this amazing and talented blues musicians this week and they made us laugh and dance in our seats with beautiful renditions of Crossroad Blues, House of the Rising Sun, and many more.

I hope you had a lovely week too! Now, have a lovely weekend!