January 9, 2012

birthday cards

I just recently celebrated my birthday! We went out to my favorite restaurant for some yummy Italian food, and I ended the night with a large piece of tiramasu for dessert with a little candle in it for me to blow out and wish upon.

My birthday falls on the first week of the New Year. I like to think the New Year is in the spring, like many Asian cultures believe, because that's when new life begins for animals and plants.

Either way, I wanted to create some goals, not just for the New Year, but to celebrate another year I had on this earth, which I am so grateful for.

A few of my goals for this year are, learning how to play the guitar, training in Martial Arts, and traveling to a country or state that I have never visited before.

I've been busy working on my Black Feather line and creating new jewelry, which I have been having lots of fun doing.

I, also added new pieces to the Peachy Cheek shop. In observance of my little birthday, I made some sugar skull birthday cards and handmade envelopes using some of my favorite sugar skull designs I have illustrated and painted. 

Thanks for stopping by!!


GlorV1 said...

Happy late Birthday Kim. Glad you had fun. I love your little cards. Very whimsical. I'm a January girl too. My birthday is also this week. Tiramasu sounds great. Enjoy your week.

PeachyCheek said...

Thanks Gloria for the birthday wishes! And for your kind words about my little birthday cards!

Thanks for stopping by!!