October 4, 2012

bat halloween goody bags

Our guest blogger is from A Delicate Gift, with these cute Halloween Bat Goody Bags idea.

I used 3x4 inch cellophane sleeves, but you can also use clear ziplock bags. In order to make the shape for the bat body I used brown card stock, but simple construction paper will do, and I compared it to the cellophane sleeves I was using to put the candy in to figure out big these little bats should be. The bodies ended up being 2 inches long and about 1 1/2 inches wide.

Next, I cut the body out and used it to help me figure out  how tall and wide the wings should be, mine came out to be about 4 inches long. Once I was happy with how the wings looked, I cut them out and I used the cut out one as a template to trace more.

Cut out all the wings and bodies.

Next, I used permanent marker to make the eyes and white marker (you can also cut out tiny triangles from white paper and glue) for the teeth.

 I filled the cellophane sleeve with candy (you can also put some healthier snacks, like granola bars, raisins, trail mix) and then I stapled the black wings on the cellophane bag which sealed the bag and then glued the body on the wings. This way the bodies hid the staple. You can also tape or glue them on to the bag.

With the left over scraps I made different animals, like a black kitty, owl, and spider.
These came out really cute and I can't wait to give them out to friends and family. I just had to share them with you and how I made them.

Have fun and if you make them send me a picture or link to your blog, because I would love to see it!!

Happy October and enjoy!

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