July 9, 2013

making breakfast

I used to love going out to breakfast, but sometimes I don't feel well at all after eating at some places, I don't know its the oil or grease. But I didn't want to play roulette anymore. I wanted to know what I was eating.

So I started making my own homemade pancakes which is a weekend staple for me, but once in a while the mister craves some meat. I eat meat, but I could live without it. I prefer not eating it as much as I can. On some weekends I will make him a bagel, egg and sausage sandwich, his favorite.

I add a little olive oil to the pan and add lean sausage and cook it for a few minutes on each side, and melt a slice of american cheese on it. 

In another pan I make a very thin egg white omelet. I toast a bagel, onion is my favorite, and add the sausage and egg white on top.

Nothing takes better than making it yourself and of course staying in your pjs on a weekend morning.

Have a beautiful day!

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