September 8, 2015

Weekend Recap - Peaches and Greek Fesitval

Last weekend we celebrated Labor Day weekend by heading to the annual 4-day Greek Festival where we enjoyed so much good food! We look forward to this Greek Festival every year. I seriously have a countdown for this event. Usually it falls right on our anniversary weekend, so we celebrate our anniversary there with yummy Greek food and sweet treats.

We also finally picked peaches from our peach tree. We have had our peach tree for about 10 years now and to be honest we haven't really picked the peaches We ask friends to come by and pick them and usually by the time we want to, they are all gone.

But this year we went out with a few boxes and picked as many as we could. And now we have so many peaches. We started giving them away to people walking by, to neighbors, and I still have so many.

It's time to plan some recipes. This weekend I will be making some peach cobblers, peach smoothies, jams, and any other thing I can think of that can include peaches.

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