June 6, 2013

spinach omelets at home

This weekend don't eat cereal or go out for breakfast, stay in and make this easy cheesy spinach omelet in your comfy pj and slippers. I promise it is really easy to make.

I coated a small pan with olive oil and I mixed egg whites and poured about a half an inch layer of the egg white mixture on the bottom. You may like your omelet thinner or thicker. And cook for about 7-9 minutes of medium, some bubbles may appear, simply poke them, sprinkle shredded cheese, once the cheese melts layer some frozen spinach over the cheese and sprinkled some more cheese over the spinach.

Once the bottom is golden brown, use a spatula and flip one side of the omelet up.

Enjoy it's cheesy goodness, and there's some spinach in it so you won't feel so bad.

Have a beautiful weekend!

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