October 26, 2013

vampire cookies

A few weeks ago I made these cute skeleton gingerbread cookies. Using the same gingerbread recipe that you can find here I made some  more spooky Halloween themed cookies. I don't have a huge arsenal of cookie cutters, but my little collection is growing.

In the meantime I try and double cookie cutters for use of other ideas. So for these I used my square and skull cookies cutters and used a circle jar for the vampires.
I have been doing a bit of research on cookie decorating. It might be something I want to start doing more of. I know now I should be using the proper bags and pipers to make even thin outlines and flood them,
but for a rookie using a single size icing tip I think these came out okay. They still are cute and yummy to eat! I used the Wilton's icing writer in different colors to decorate these cute vampires.

1. I first applied the black icing for the hair and waited for an hour and then I applied the white icing for the vampire face. 

2-3. I waited another hour to work on the smaller details like the eyes, nose and mouth.

4. And then another hour later I added the tiny vampire fangs. Phew..that was a few hours! But it's important to walk away after each one because if you try and do everything at the same time the little vampires icing will bleed (no-pun intended)! Trust me I learned the hard way. Instead of little vampires I had little black, white and red swirls.

Aren't they adorable?  Next, I will also be posting how I made the other cookies like the spider and square cookies.
Have beautiful week and Happy Halloween!


Tina said...

These are too cute I don't think I could eat them!

PeachyCheek said...

Hi Tina Thanks for stopping by! I have eaten the rest, but I can't eat the little vampires. They might bite back :)

Lori said...

Yummy! They look great! Good job!