October 24, 2016

Halloween Decorations

Well Halloween has arrived, well it will be in exactly one week. And I was a little late decorating this year. 

This year we did a similar table as last year. Check out last year's Halloween table here. This time we decided to make it a little spookier with a back tablecloth from Target; a huge black felt skull in the backdrop with bats and a haunted village that we made ourselves with little finds from the Dollar store and other little figurines and lit it up with led lights. I still have some work to do on the table. I haven't decided what I was going to put in the crates. So the above picture is just how it is now, but I am hoping to have some more time this week to arrange it differently.

The vampire mug is our best find. We found this super large Dracula mug at a consignment shop a few years ago. The owner was unfortunately closing the store and everything was only $1. My boyfriend loved it as soon as he saw it and I didn't know what he saw in it. 

But now I love it and I use it every Halloween as a vase and I love how Dracula has beautiful roses or marigolds on his head every year.

I made this backdrop for about $1.50. I bought the black felt skull at the Dollar Store, and the bats were from last year's project made out of black cardstock paper. Check out my tutorial here. If you don't have a cricut machine, just cut out bats from construction paper. Use a free template (like this one) online to cut around.

I also found this cute huge cardboard bat that I put in our entryway. I also added a few bats on the walls around the house.

As an unexpected find, and also at a small consignment shop, this past weekend, I saw these adorable little Halloween bears. And I just giggled and giggled when I saw them and how cute they were. My love, snatched up the three little bears, two were Halloween themed and the other was a Thanksgiving themed bear. 

I have to come find out these are Lucy Rigg bears. I never heard of them before. And there are hundreds of them dressed up in all sorts of adorable outfits. There are collectors out there that collect all different types of these cute little bears.

I have never been one to collect little toys, figures, or even stuffed animals. But I was delighted and purely happy when I saw these. And I am so happy my love bought them for me. 

Since then, I may have looked up more little bears and I might have bought a few more for Halloween and the Holidays. 

This is how the haunted village looks with the little lights on. I love how my boyfriend lit up each house with it's own little color. He did this all by himself. We were going to add moss, but we decided to keep the project simple.

Baking always makes me happy. So I have been baking tons lately. My boyfriend absolutely loves chocolate chip cookies, and I always make him a small batch of a dozen cookies so he can enjoy a few during the week.

As soon as Halloween is complete Day of the Dead will be here. I have been working on a few skulls and pieces. I listed this skull and a few others in my art shop.

Enjoy plenty of little treats because you deserve it. If you can't eat candy or chocolates buy yourself some flowers. And when you see them every day, I want you to smile, tell them how beautiful they are, and remind yourself that you are beautiful too. 

Have a wonderful week!

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Evelyn said...

Beautiful Halloween decor. I love the orange roses and the little bear is so cute.I hope you had a nice Halloween.