December 19, 2013

gift guide for brothers and boyfriends

Christmas is less than a week away and if you are looking for last minute gift ideas for your brother, male friend, or boyfriend I put together a few ideas that might help. Similar to my sisters and friend guide I posted last week I buy similar items for the men in my life:

1. Gift cards or subscriptions
  •  For the Music Lover: Spotify subscription and iTunes gift cards
  •  For the Gamer: Game Stop gift cards or a subscription to Steam. Steam delivers a range of games straight to a computer.
  •  For the Man Who Has It All: Birch Box Subscription. These are great because they will receive a box of goodies for men (think shaving scream, lotions, tech accessories) every month. Subscriptions are available for 6 months and 12 months. Start them off with 6 and see if they like them. Who doesn't love receiving a package in the mail.

2. Technology
  •  For the Music Lover: Marshall headphones
  •  For the Gamer: The newest gaming systems are Nintendo Wii U and Playstation 4
  •  For the Movie Watcher: Google Chromecast. This allows for you to easily stream movies and music from your computer or mobile device (iPhone) to your TV. Perfect for those who love watching YouTube videos and want to see it on a bigger screen.

3. Food and Drinks. Every man I know loves food, well everyone I know does. They might like spicy food, sweets, cheeses, meats. A great gift could be a subscription or a basket of their favorite kind of goodies.
  •  Ham: Honey Baked Hams. Honey Baked Hams are known for their classic spiral hams, but they also have a monthly gift club. You can buy a three-month gift and have a ham sent in December, a Turkey in January, and Cheesecake in February. Something really different, but useful.
  • Sausage and Cheeses: Hickory Farms
  • Around the World Beer Sampler Basket: Gourmet Gift Baskets. This is the perfect gift basket for a beer lover. The beers come from different parts of the world, you can send it to yourself to hand to him on Christmas day or have it sent to him directly.

4. What they need. Some men don't know what they need, but we do, they might need new socks, undershirts, a hat and gloves for the winter, slippers because their always end up looking like they were ran over by a truck.

5. Something fun. I think it's important to give a fun, spontaneous gift that they aren't expecting. Tech gadgets are always fun, accessories like men bracelets, or even some shows in their nearby city.
  • Ray-Ban Sunglasses. These are awesome because they come in the classic style and they are foldable.
  • Men Bracelets from Black Feather
  • Dvds of the entire season or two of their favorite show
  • Video games
  • Movie tickets
  • Concert or Comedy tickets

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