December 11, 2013

gift guide for sisters & friends

Beanies | Sweater | Watch | Nail Polish | Rings | Boots | Book  | Eyeshadow

I can't believe Christmas is only about 2 weeks away. I am so glad I started decorating at the end of October, so I could spend as much time in the holiday spirit. 

I put together a small grouping of gifts recommendations for girls and women in your life, like friends and sisters. Isn't the gold glitter watch from Kate Spade so cute? The new Urban Decay Naked eye shadow was just released, but number 2 is my favorite, but this would make a great gift for someone who loves makeup.

Before shopping I make a list of everyone I am buying gifts for. I write a few things down for each person. I usually buy 4 different categories of gifts:

- Gift cards to favorite stores, favorite restaurants, grocery stores, and monthly subscriptions. There are so many new subscriptions available like: music (spotify is great), and even subscriptions to monthly make-up boxes from places like From The Lab and Ipsy. Ipsy is cool for women who love to follow YouTube make-up artists, because they are the ones who help decide what's in the boxes and they make videos showing how to use it.

- Books and more books. I think it's important to read and there are so many inspiring books that we can all learn from. I give books that I have read or have read great reviews on and hand pick books for people on my list. I can't wait to read Billy Crystal's new book. He makes me laugh so much.

- Fun. I also like to pick up something fun that makes me think of them and/or I think they will love, like make-up, an album, jewelry.

- Need. Something they really wanted or really need. I make notes to hear what people need and want and make sure to get them that because doesn't everyone want to get that special gift they really wanted and left hints about all year, but didn't want to buy it themselves.

I hope this helps! Happy holidays!

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