May 7, 2014

retro soda pop pinata

I love making pinatas; it's something about working with my hands, working with all the bright colors, and making something come to life with such simple and accessible objects like cardboard, paper, and even a foiled chip bag.

Warmer days mean BBQ season will soon be in full effect. And I love me some burgers. I thought it would be super fun to make some BBQ and retro diner themed pinatas and these are a fun and perfect addition to any summer party. I will doing a series of pinatas for summer. 

I couldn't bare to break these little guys, so these are going to be summer staples at all BBQ and summer parties.

Today I am going to show you how to make the retro soda pop pinata.

Materials: Box, glue, scissors, tape, blue streamer paper, foil or a foil bag of chips, white, black and red construction paper, and a straw.

Step 1: Find a box in the desired shape and size and tape it closed.
Step 2: Cut strips of streamer in the length of around the box and fold the streamer paper a few times.
Step 3 and 4: Cut small vertical slits to make the fringe.
Step 5: Add a strip of glue to the box.
Step 6:  Glue the fringe to the box.
Step 7: Continue to cover the entire box with the fringe. Next, prepare your materials to decorate the little soda pop. I used construction paper for his eyes, nose, mouth, and the soda tab, and to cut letters out.
Step 8 and 9: Place the letters and add the little face. Cut foil to place on top to give the appearance of the silver soda can top.
Step 10: Make a small hole on top of the box and poke the straw through.

Here is the family of BBQ and retro themed pinatas we have made so far. I love these little guys. I can't help but laugh and smile when I look at these.

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