November 20, 2013

christmas decorating

I pulled out all my Christmas decorations and started working on the tree right after Halloween a few weeks ago. I still have quite of bit to work, but having the tree up, some decorations out, and playing Christmas music around the house is getting me in the spirit of the holidays. 
One of my favorite gifts and decorations is my tree skirt. My mom gave it to me so I cherish it and it has my favorite birds embroidered on it, cardinals and chickadees. I also have these birds and others all sitting on my Christmas tree.

I hope your getting into the spirit of the holidays. A few people have told tell me that they just aren't feeling the spirit of the holidays, and my advice to them is the spirit of the holidays aren't going to just come out of nowhere, you need to make that spirit come to life. Maybe it's listening to music, making holiday cookies, decorating even if you aren't in the mood to. When you do those things you are awakening the spirit of the holidays in you and around you.


nadia @ house36 said...

That tree skirt is gorgeous! Love it! We got into the Holiday spirit last week and started decorating.

PeachyCheek said...

Hi Nadia, Thanks so much. I love birds and when I received this tree skirt I was so happy. I almost fell over. I wish I could have it out all year:)